Basic Solar Panel Parts And Components

Solar Modules
Originally patented as the “solar battery”, solar cells, much like a battery, produce DC voltage. Solar cells are constructed similar to integrated circuits with a silicon substrate and a dopant. When sunlight strikes the cell, excited electrons cause current flow. Cells are grouped together and a tempered glass is applied to the front, a backing plate to the rear, and an aluminium frame encloses the edge for support and mounting.
Solar modules are built to withstand the harshest environments. Since there are no moving parts, they require vitrtually no maintenance. In most cases, New England rains will keep your modules clean. Our modules are American-made and are backed by a 25 year warranty.

Solar Panel
Inverters convert DC current from the solar modules into household quality AC current for the grid. Today’s inverters produce sine waves that match or exceed the quality of the power from the local utility.

  • 96%+ Efficiency for all models
  • Minimum 10 year warranty
  • Additional 10 year warranty extension option available
  • Microinverters include a 25 year warranty
Balance of System Components
The balance of system components includes mounting and racking, wiring, electrical disconnects, and a revenue grade production meter.
When you install solar, you will have two electric meters. One meter will be your original meter showing your consumption from the utility company’s electric grid. The second meter installed will track the electricity that your solar array generates. With net metering, every kWh that you produce goes towards reducing your electric bill.

Professional Installation