“Many, many thanks to you George, and George Hurley too, for providing the expertise and making it right. I recall the day I met you two in Manchester, NH. I talked with you two thinking that these guys won’t come all the way to Westport so I can ask them all kinds of questions and get educated. However, you guys led me away from the others with pertinent info and were grateful when I provided quotes from the others. Explaining how expensive it was to work with them, the kicker was you provided info on your current customers, no one else did that. You went over and above the others. Your standard procedure is a model the others would do well to follow.
I will discuss with others your fine service and the additional benefits of owning solar. It is pricey, yet priceless to depend on yourself to provide so much of what other take for granted. You and I know the cost of electricity will only rise. Soon it will cost 200 dollars per month, then 300. Where will it end……who knows. I do know we will all benefit from this project including my daughter and her family, in that, I take great pride in being able to give this to her. Thank you for helping us all.”

- Paul, Lisa, and Larissa Chace | Westport, MA

“I have been delighted with every aspect of working with you and your solar company.  You never pressured me to make a decision before I was ready.  You lowered the price per panel when your costs were lowered.  You were willing to match the competition pricing if necessary.  You came to install the panels when you said you would.  You and your workers were very kind to our extensive landscaping and never complained about having to place the panels around multiple skylights, chimneys and vent stacks.  You figured out a way to wire them to the basement going through the house rather than outside.  Even though it was a labor consuming effort you never asked for an increase in the price to me.  And now the panels are working great and have already saved me nearly $3000 in electricity costs!  I really can’t say enough good things about you.”

- Bob Vaccaro | Portsmouth, NH

“We were delighted with the work done by George and the crew.”

- Dwight Baldwin | Durham, NH

“George is a trustworthy, honorable, and fine upstanding person. I was proud to be associated with him and his company. I will recommend him for green energy needs in the future.” – (Guild Quality – 3rd Party Satisfaction Survey)

- Drew McGee | Amesbury, MA

“I’m always willing to share my story and help share the Solar Koolaid. Clearly I will provide Harmony’s name and contact information when possible.” – (Guild Quality – 3rd Party Satisfaction Survey)

- Steve Scott | Portsmouth, NH

Being an engineer and handyman I asked a lot of questions and kept close touch with the installation. George (and the other members of his crew) were always willing to explain what they were doing and the technical theory behind it. On all aspects of the installation and startup the project was a very satisfying experience.
We became known as the “solar house” in the neighborhood, and offered ”wine and solar” parties at which we showed the hardware and viewed performance on the Enphase Enlighten webpage.
A job well done! We are proud of our photovoltaic array and looking forward to the output performance after 12 months of operation – (Guild Quality – 3rd Party Satisfaction Survey)

- Brian Giles | Lee, NH