Commercial & Residential Solar Installation Services

We do solar PV better than anybody else in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Our commitment to your long term investment means that we use only American-manufactured solar panels, inverters, and balance of system components. We use only solar components from companies that are best of breed. This means that you can feel confident that your warranties will be backed up the entire time you own the system. Your system is designed in-house by nationally certified NABCEP PV Installers assuring you of the safest zero-maintenance array that you can buy. We handle all of your paperwork for you – rebates, interconnection agreements, permits, fees, grants, SRECs, etc. You not only get the highest incentives available, but we make the process as easy and seamless as possible for you. Our price is all inclusive – no extra charges for monitoring, permits, etc.

Solar is the technology that can transform the lives of everyone in our nation and using only best practices of design and installation, we make sure it is done right for you.

Solar for Business

  • Solar reduces or eliminates electric costs every month, providing a hedge against ongoing electric rate hikes.
  • State and Federal incentives allow businesses to go solar at minimal cost, while reducing tax liability for years with the 30% Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS).
  • We are the only solar company in NH to receive for our commercial PV customers USDA REAP Grants in both 2011 and 2012, reducing their costs by an additional 25% .
  • Solar reduces your environmental impact, showing that your business is environmentally-aware and forward-thinking. As consumers become more concerned about the environment, they tend to support businesses that share their concern and lead by example.

Solar for Homeowners

  • With rebates and incentives your final cost is typically only about 50% of the total cost.
  • Solar adds value to your property by reducing the cost of doing business. If you ever decided to sell your home, you can add the value of the solar to the sale price. A building with reduced utility costs is very attractive.
  • For every $1,000 a homeowner can cut from annual energy costs they add $15,000 to the resale value of their house
    (Reading Eagle, 6/29/2009)


  • Design – 30+ yrs Electrical Engineering
  • Installation – NABCEP Best Practices
  • Workmanship Warranty – 3yr for Residential, 5 yr for Commercial
  • Licensed Electricians

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